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Confined Geometry

In this game, you basically just need to dodge many things to be alive as long as you can

This is the first game I have ever released, I started to make this game back in 2016 when I was still a complete noob with game maker 8.1 ...

Years later, in early 2019 I Started working on it again and after two uptades, I stopped working on it because I didn't find this game interessing anymore

I probably won't work on this anymore, so don't expect any update for this one

download v0.1.0 download v0.2.0 download v0.3.0
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The Wrong Trippy Trip

I made this game from scratch during 2019

In this game, you control that guy who decide to move far from the city to get some rest, but instead of calm, he entered in a real-life nightmare getting his vision more and more distorted

To make it simple, this is a simple plateformer, but everytime you hit a checkpoint, the game will be trippier

For those who use game maker and wonder how I did this, I simply drawn surfaces onto other surfaces to get these kind of effect, which are pretty cool I think

This is obvious at this point but don't play this if you are photosensitive or having epilepsy issues! (what are you doing on this website anyway ?)

download v1.0.0
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The Fleeing Entity

Story : "So yeah this "high on drug man" managed to escape that "experimental laboratory". But the funny thing is that it seems to go to a precise place with a precise objective... which one ? I don't know but that's probably not a good thing for everyone..."

A dangerous entity escaped from its cell, and now it wants only one thing, but what it is ?

A top-down shooter with some danmakus elements and some trippy visual effects

This is objectively my best work as I released it, but I was kind of disapointed with the result, it turned into something else I didn't really wished for. Didn't mastered this game's creation to be honnest

download v1.0.1 download v1.1.0
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A small game quickly made in like 10-15 hours during a week-end, you control a small guy in that cube, you must avoid stuff, and the gravity is constently changing.

Pretty arcade-ish.

download v1.0.0
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Untitled 3D project


To be honnest, I just post it now for the showcase purpose, after a few time spent in learning game maker's 3D, this is my first attempt at making a 3D game.


For now, I just made the core mechanics of the game (real 3D collision system and visuals effects)


This will probably turn out as a horror game, even if I implemented a shooting system, I think I will be more satisfied with a Horror game than an action thing with a game looking like this


PS: game maker's 3D is a PAIN. If i want to try another 3D project, it will not be on game maker. I mean, modeling can only be made with a very cheap software, since it's the only one exporting at the right format and there is barely any documentaion on the internet on the extensions I'm using (and there again, P3DC is the only known extension capable of what I want to achieve)

Video made a few month ago, no custom 3D model in it, plus bad youtube rendition